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Washington County Health System
  Our Mission and Vision



The mission of Washington County Health System is to be the most effective provider of health services in our service area through

  • leadership and responsiveness to our community's healthcare needs;
  • accessibility of those services in partnership with our extended community;
  • the high level of respect we afford our patients, physicians, customers, and employees.


Washington County Health System will succeed in accomplishing its mission of ensuring it is the community's preeminent quality healthcare provider via a five-part strategy. This strategy includes

  • creating and enhancing regional healthcare through an integrated delivery system;
  • forming a framework of partnerships and affiliations;
  • establishing centers of excellence in partnership with the medical community;
  • providing excellent health education in cooperation with appropriate institutions, and
  • developing a health plan that assures a holistic approach to medical issues and coverage.

Our Pledge

Responsiveness to need. Excellence in caring. Respect for all.

Our Employee Value Proposition


  • We will build strong relationships.
  • We will support cooperation and collaboration.
  • We will practice open and honest communication.
  • We will always show respect for others.


  • We will aim for wise use of the financial and environmental resources entrusted to us by our community.


  • We will be known to provide to our patients, customers, and each other, a just culture, personal responsibility, process improvement, and high standards that lead to excellence.


  • We will support a culture built on trust, honesty, fairness, privacy, and confidentiality.


  • We will commit ourselves to be for patients, employees, and community—to be the voice of others.
  • We will seek to understand and communicate needs.
  • We will anticipate healthcare needs, improve community health, and focus on empowerment and inclusion.


  • We will commit ourselves to be flexible, develop new ideas, and be industry leaders.


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