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Medication Assistance Center

With the increasing cost of food, gas, and housing, prescription drugs might be last on your list of things to purchase. Especially during these troublesome economic times, many people have been forced to choose between prescription medications and daily necessities. Have you ever cut your pills in half to make them last longer or skipped a day of medication because you can’t afford to buy it as often as it’s prescribed? If so, the Medication Assistance Center (MAC) can help.

For more than seven years the Medication Assistance Center, formerly known as the Western Maryland Medbank, has been helping people in Washington County find the medications they need. MAC is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to accessing free or reduced-cost prescription drugs for low income or chronically ill patients. Since the opening of the Medication Assistance Center in 2000, more than $17,255,200 million in free medications have been distributed to more than 2,600 patients.

The center serves residents of Washington County and has recently expanded to serve those who are treated by physicians located in Washington County or at Washington County Hospital. The service is provided free.

When you call MAC you will be asked a series of questions to determine your eligibility for medication assistance. The staff at MAC works to help patients find medications through state or local programs. In addition, many pharmaceutical companies operate patient assistance programs which provide medications free of charge to anyone meeting certain income eligibility requirements. If the medications you need are not covered through these options, MAC also offers its own pharmacy discount card which can provide discounts up to as much as 40%.

MAC has greatly simplified the process of accessing patient assistance programs by making everything you need available at one place. After one call to the Medication Assistance Center, you will go through an eligibility screening process and application package. Once your physician signs off on your medications, your prescriptions are sent directly to your doctor every ninety days. When it’s time for renewal, the Medication Assistance Center will take care of that too.

If you are admitted to Washington County Hospital and you qualify for assistance, MAC will get in touch with you regarding how they can help obtain your medications. Usually someone from MAC will visit you while you are in the hospital, but if you are discharged quickly they will follow up with you by phone or mail.

As a partner, Washington County Hospital generously offers in-kind support to MAC to help keep these services here in Washington County. The Medication Assistance Center also receives limited funding from the state of Maryland, the gaming commission, and various other grants.

For more information or to learn how MAC can help you, please call 301-393-3441.


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