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Gina Socks, Social Worker, Women's Health Center

Moms and Babies

At Washington County Hospital, we believe that we are stewards of our community’s health. At times that means responding to patient needs that are not traditionally viewed as clinical—things like helping mothers who face special challenges caring for their babies.

Our opportunity to provide care doesn’t stop once an infant is born, and that’s why social worker Gina Socks’ role was expanded to include a day a week at the Women’s Health and Fertility Center at Robinwood Medical Center, an obstetrics and gynecology practice that delivers about half of the babies born at the hospital.

Many pregnant women face daunting challenges, and it’s Gina’s job to connect pregnant women to the community resources they need for themselves and their babies. She explained, “I work with a lot of moms from across all income and educational levels. Together, we focus on what’s best for their babies.”

The Women’s Health staff refer many patients to her who are young mothers of age nineteen or even younger. Some women are affected by substance abuse, domestic violence, depression, or mental illness. Sometimes the women’s challenges are so great that they are not able to provide an adequate home for their baby, or they may be planning to place the baby for adoption. A few reside in detention facilities, but others are simply new to the community and need help connecting to the appropriate resources.

On Tuesdays at the center, Gina often sees four or more patients who need her expertise. “The staff at Women’s Health and at the birthing center provide excellent care and support to these moms,” she explained. “They understand that many of these moms may have some limitations in the care they can provide for their babies.”

Gina says that her job combines the best of her interests: counseling and medical social work. To help the moms provide a safe and caring environment for their babies, she connects them with various programs, including Healthy Start, Healthy Families, and government agencies such as WIC, the Washington County Health Department and the Department of Social Services. Each offers a variety of programs geared to supporting families.

Gina’s job is challenging. She said, “There are many good days when I see teen moms who have good support systems or moms who go into drug therapy to change their lives. It is rewarding to know that many moms receive the support they need to provide for their babies.”


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