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  Economic Impact of Construction

Robinwood Construction Update Newsletter



$260 million. It’s a big number. But more importantly, $260 million is a good number. Because while construction of the new regional medical center at Robinwood will cost about $150 million, the project will actually generate about $260 million for the local economy.*

A project of this size uses a huge amount of resources, and that helps support our local businesses. Construction-related materials must be purchased. Workers eat at local restaurants, buy gas, and make other purchases from local stores.


But perhaps most important are the jobs created by a construction project on this scale. The construction has brought opportunities for local carpenters, electricians, and other workers. “It’s a blessing to a lot of people since the economy has been so bad,” said Ed Anders, the plumbing superintendent for the project. “We have hired a lot locally and will keep hiring as we need them.”

Anders and several other talented local contractors who are helping to build the new medical center are featured on this page: Gerald Anders (Ed’s brother), Erik Boone, and Ryan Simmons. Just click on their photos to read more about them.


Over the short term, the creation of a new regional medical center is boosting our local economy. But as more patients are drawn to Hagerstown for the opportunity to receive top-notch medical care, greater benefits will follow. “A beautiful new medical center is going to draw a lot more people from outside our area,” commented Simmons. Added Boone, “I believe it’s going to put Hagerstown on the map.”

* Estimate based on a model provided by the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development.


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