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Health eNews
Health eNews is a free twice-monthly e-mail newsletter with timely news and information about programs and events with Washington County Health System, as well as valuable health and wellness information for you and your family. To subscribe, click here.
Medical News
Medical News is a quarterly newsletter that provides medical information to physicians, nurses, and medical professionals on the latest procedures and practices that are available in the region. For a print copy of Medical News, or to submit an article for publication, please call the marketing department at 301-790-8627. 
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Health Focus
We are proud to bring you Health Focus, a quarterly newsletter filled with valuable healthcare tips, important news about Washington County Hospital, and the physicians who serve our community. Each issue of Health Focus has practical tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as the latest advances in medicine and technology available in our community. You'll find articles highlighting new procedures, a calendar with information about free classes and seminars and much more! We'll also keep you abreast of the important charitable activities of the Antietam Healthcare Foundation and ways that you can help support your medical community. Subscribe to Health Focus by filling out an online form
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TRC Times
Newsletter for Total Rehab Care. 
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Annual Report To The Community
The Annual Report To The Community is Washington County Health System's yearly review of the activities and accomplishments of Washington County Hospital and its Antietam Health Service partners in providing healthcare for those who live in the tri-state region. Look for our mission and vision, highlights from our financial statements, and facility locations. Included is the Charitable Community Care Report documenting what the hospital and its partners have contributed to healthcare programs in Washington County. 
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Nursing Annual Report
Nursing is the backbone of our organization and the primary provider of care in our hospital. The annual nursing report is an overview of the nursing staff's vision, mission, and philosophy. 
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Regional Medical Center Construction Update
In the newsletter, you’ll find the latest information about what is happening at the construction site to keep you up-to-date on the project. We will share some of the concepts that went into planning the new facility. We’ll also offer some fast facts about it and a forum for your questions. 
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Case Statement
Washington County Hospital is currently constructing its largest building project in one hundred years - a new, state-of-the-art regional medical center. The Case Statement highlights the wonderful benefits these new facilities will offer to our patients and their families. It also describes how our physicians and employees will be able to enhance the care that they provide, and outlines the phases of construction and includes detailed floor plans for the new medical center. For those interested in supporting this project through financial bequests, information about our Leadership Gift Table is included. 
Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct for Washington County Health System. 
Cardiovascular Telemetry and Stroke
The Cardiovascular Telemetry and Stroke Program at Washington County Hospital is here to provide you with excellent care and support in the event of a stroke. Our primary focus is stroke and cardiovascular disease, although we care for patients with varying illnesses and diseases. We also provide cardiac monitoring through telemetry monitors. Our highly trained staff consists of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, cardiac monitor technicians, social workers, dieticians, therapists, and care specialists.  
Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Services
The patient guide and descriptive information for Total Rehab Care's nationally accredited hospital based rehabilitation program. 
Electrophysiology Laboratory
Electrophysiology is a cardiac specialty for treating disorders in the heart's electrical function. The electrophysiology laboratory at Washington County Hospital is an operating room where diagnosing arrhythmias can be performed by a board certified cardiologist with specialty in electrophysiology. 
John R. Marsh Cancer Center Annual Registry Report for 2007
The 2007 Annual Registry Report for 2007 has a clinical focus on lung cancer in the region. The report tabulates the incidence of various types of cancer and compares regional cancer rates to national averages. 
Joint Replacement
The Center for Joint Replacement at Washington County Hospital is an integrated program dedicated to providing comprehensive preoperative education and preparation, and post-operative care for individuals needing total joint replacement. The Center provides care for patients having joint replacement surgery in an enviroment that promotes wellness, patient and family education, and encourages early rehabilitation. 
Maryland NeuroRehab Foundation
Recovering from an acquired brain injury or illness presents many challenges. Maryland NeuroRehab Foundation (MNRF), a program of Washington County Hospital's Total Rehab Care, provides highly specialized rehabilitation care for clients recovering from acquired brain injury, and their families. We are dedicated to promoting wellness, performance enhancement, and comprehensive rehabilitation services for the clients we serve. 
Medical Information card
One of the first things you'll be asked for on any visit to the doctor or the hospital is what medications you're taking. It's important to have a handy list of your current medications, you might forget important information. Use this form to keep track of your medicines, including over-the-counter drugs, both for your own use and to share with your healthcare provider. 
Nutrition & Wellness Community Resource Manual
The Washington County Nutrition and Physical Activity Partnership created this directory to help combat the obesity epidemic. It lists many resources available in Washington County and the surrounding area. 
Osteoporosis Program
Osteoporosis is a preventable condition in which bones become fragile. This loss of bone mass creates weakness that significantly increases the chance of fractures and breaks The osteoporosis program at Washington County Hospital's Total Rehab Care is a comprehensive program designed to give patients the tools to rebuild bone strength. 
Pediatric Therapy Services
The pediatric program at Washington County Hospital's Total Rehab Care is a comprehensive program designed to give children the developmental support they need. Our program can assist children who demonstrate difficulties with fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and speech and language development. Our dedicated therapists can assist your child in many areas. 
Physical Therapy
Physical therapy services may be prescribed for you by a physician after surgery or a traumatic injury or event. Physical therapy is a treatment of injury or disease by mechanical or physical means. Physical therapists work closely with patients and families to develop a personalized treatment plan to rebuild your strengh and coordination, and help you return to activities you enjoy. 
Robinwood Directory
Directory listing and maps for Robinwood Medical Center. 
Spine Therapy
Total Rehab Care provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients who have experienced traumatic or cumulative injuries to the back and spine or are recovering from back surgery. Highly skilled therapists provide theraputic treatments aimed at reducing pain and maximizing function - thereby reducing the risk of reinjury. 
The Wroth Memorial Library
The Wroth Memorial Library is available to physicians, employees, patients and members of the community wishing to investigate the lastest literature in the field of medicine. Located on the second floor of the hospital and staffed by a certified medical librarian the library includes 200 different medical, nursing and allied health journals, 350 medical and nursing texts and access to several on-line data bases, of which Medline, CINAHL, and Health Business are full text. 
Vascular Center
The Vascular Center at Washington County Hospital is a comprehensive program treating patients with vascular disease. We offer vascular screenings, diagnostic studies, medical, and surgical therapies. Our team includes board certified vascular surgeons, radiologists, and nurses. Each patient's treatment is coordinated by a vascular care specialist. 
Vestibular Balance Therapy
Vestibular rehabilitation is a program that helps improve balance through stimulation and exercise, retraining your body to respond to changes in your enviroment. Body position and changes in the ground you are on affect your balance. We have the ability to help you cope with your balance challenges. 
Wound Center Patient Guide
Chronic wounds often interfere with daily life and can cause a person to lose hope. A wound that will not heal needs more than just another dressing. It needs the experience of a multidisciplinary wound care team, like the one at Washington County Hospital’s Wound Center. 


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