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Almost Famous

You may know Cindy Missling.  She’s almost famous.
Cindy is one of the friendly, knowledgeable professionals who help callers with questions for Healthline, Washington County Hospital’s free physician and information service. She has spoken to thousands of people since she began working at the hospital—she’s practically a local celebrity.

Her fans can vouch that Cindy is the kind of person who goes the extra mile for the patients and families that call looking for help. Patient, smart, and resourceful, she’ll take the time a caller needs to answer a complicated question.

Because she is not a doctor, she won’t try to diagnose your medical condition.  But she is uniquely well-informed about the medical resources that are available in the community and can help you get the care you need.

So she’s the person to call if you have a question and don’t know where to turn. Best of all, she is only a phone call away.