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Endocrinology is the field of medicine specializing in the glands and hormones of the body and the diagnosis and treatment of related disorders. Common endocrinology disorders include diabetes, metabolic and nutritional disorders, pituitary and thyroid diseases, and menstrual and sexual problems.

Under the direction of Dr. Maldonado-Brem, Robinwood Endocrinology offers the full continuum of care for people with endocrine disorders: prevention, community education, nutrition counseling, and expert medical care. Our approach encourages patients to make healthy lifestyle choices after they leave the immediate care of our staff. Educators work closely with patients as they learn and practice new skills until they become part of the patient’s daily life.

Our specialized clinical staff includes board certified endocrinologists, nurses, certified diabetes educators, registered nurses, dietitians, and social workers. We work closely with your doctor and your local pharmacist to support your medication needs as you work toward your new, healthy lifestyle.

A major focus of our practice is the ever-growing condition of diabetes. We provide all the services you may need to live a fulfilling life with diabetes including insulin pump therapy, one-on-one educational sessions, glucose monitoring instruction, and insulin injection training. We also make referrals to specialists to provide the best care for your specific needs.

Diet and weight management are the cause of many endocrine disorders and are a focused interest of our multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals and support personnel. In order to provide weight management education and products, Robinwood Endocrinology partners with Health Management Resources (HMR), the leader and innovator in the field of weight management.

We encourage prospective patients and families to discuss medical concerns with their primary care physician. For assistance or to register for one of our orientations, call

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