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BMI Calculator

Doctors and nutritionists have developed a tool called body mass index – commonly known as BMI.  Calculating your BMI is a useful way to determine your total body fat content.  It is also a way for you to assess how closely you match your ideal body weight.

  • Underweight is less than 18.5% BMI.
  • Ideal weight is between 18.5%-24.9% BMI.
  • Overweight is between 25%-29.9% BMI.
  • Obese is 30% BMI or greater.
Keep in mind that the body mass index tends to overestimate body fat in muscular athletes and underestimate body fat in older individuals who typically lose muscle mass as they age.

Your BMI will fall into one of four categories: underweight, ideal, overweight, or obese.  If your BMI is either overweight or obese you are at risk of developing diseases associated with obesity, such as heart disease or diabetes.

To obtain your BMI, type in your height and weight and click on the Calculate button.

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