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Statement of Business Integrity

Washington County Health System, Inc. is firmly committed to operating with a corporate spirit of trust and integrity, but as an organization it is only through the actions of its staff that trust is built and a reputation for honesty and fairness is earned.

To encourage our employees, volunteers, Board of Directors and Medical Staff to act in an ethical manner in all our business dealings, we have set forth the following basic statements of business integrity:

We are committed to honesty and fairness in all our conduct. Our mission and
vision, values and strategic plans are goals to be achieved without resorting to
moral compromise. It is never acceptable to falsify information or conceal factual
circumstances in an attempt to present better results, either clinically,
operationally, or financially.

We are committed to complying with all laws relating to our businesses. We are
subject to ever-changing laws of local, state and federal agencies at many levels.
Examples of such laws include those related to employment, non-discrimination,
billing, financial reporting and taxes, and environmental and safety issues.

We realize that many parties are interested in the affairs of our community-based
health system. We believe that these stakeholders are entitled to appropriate
disclosures of financial and operational data to meet their legitimate needs.
Such disclosures will be timely, accurate, consistent and complete to the best of
our ability.

With our mission of service, we understand that we hold a unique position of
public trust. We are committed to representing ourselves fairly in any
marketing materials, fundraising solicitations, and media releases. We are
committed to conserving and maximizing resources be making prudent
expenditures, cautious investments, and accurate billing and collection for
services we have rendered.

We recognize that the provision of healthcare is often a very personal decision.
We will support the patient’s right to make decisions regarding their medical
treatment. We respect the patient’s personal values and beliefs relating to
clinical decisions, spiritual support and freedom to choose who provides their
healthcare services. We also realize that health care is a very private matter, and
we are committed to maintaining patient confidentiality.

Each staff member of Washington County Health System has individual,
personal responsibility to perform his or her job duties with integrity. Those in
management or supervisory positions have additional responsibility to establish
systems ensuring accountability of staff under their supervision. No person will
be subject to retaliation for raising concerns relating to ethical business conduct.

Questions about this statement, the health system’s business integrity program or other related issues can be discussed with your supervisor, manager, or with the health system’s director of business integrity, Shana Wolfe, at 301-790-8878. You may also call toll-free at 888-847-9247 to confidentially or anonymously report any concerns you may have about how the organization conducts its business dealings.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Washington County Health System is to be the most effective provider of health services in our service area through:

  • Leadership and responsiveness to our community's healthcare needs;
  • Accessibility of those services in partnership with our extended community;
  • The high level of respect we afford our patients, physicians, customers, and employees.

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Vision Statement

Washington County Health System will succeed in accomplishing its mission of ensuring it is the community's preeminent quality healthcare provider via a five-part strategy. This strategy includes:

  • Creating and enhancing regional healthcare through an integrated delivery system;
  • Forming a framework of partnerships and affiliations;
  • Establishing centers of excellence in partnership with the medical community;
  • Providing excellent health education in cooperation with appropriate institutions/ and
  • Developing a health plan that assures a holistic approach to medical issues and coverage.

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Core Values

Washington County Health System, Inc. constantly strives for excellence where personal, family-oriented care is a strongly held organizational value.

In 1986, the hospital adopted a set of Core Values as guiding principles of its activities. To our personnel, they are not just words on paper; they are a way of life and professional conduct.

  • A Caring and responsive attitude towards patients, their families and guests.
  • Respect for employees, volunteers, and medical staff and their individual commitment and contributions.
  • Quality services through staff expertise and sate-of-the-art equipment and facilities.
  • Financial viability through provision of services at a reasonable cost.
  • Anticipation of, and planning for the future health care needs of our service area.

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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct has been developed to support Washington County Health System's mission to provide quality, comprehensive and cost effective health services in response to demonstrated community needs. The Code of Conduct reflects the commitment of the Health System's employees and Medical Staff to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in their conduct.

Washington County Health System serves a diverse community. Every person will at all times be treated with dignity, honesty and respect regardless of race, religion, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. The Health System's "Core Values" set forth guiding principles of fairness, honesty and respect which all employees and Medical Staff members must follow. This includes listening patiently and attentively, negotiating conflicts directly and effectively, and adhering to the organization's drug-free policy. Mental alertness is expected of all staff members, and employees are expected to report any suspected deficiencies and must intervene, if necessary, for the safety of our patients.

The integrity and accuracy of information is critically important. Any disclosure of information, regardless of recipient, will comply with state and federal standards, as well as requirements of accrediting organizations. Patients are encouraged to actively participate in the management of their medical affairs. This self-determination is the legal and moral standard for all Health System employees and Medical Staff. Safeguarding confidentiality at all times is essential so patients may participate in their medical care.

This Code of Conduct will be reinforced on a continuing basis by Health System leadership through a variety of organizational processes at all levels - Departmental, Administrative, and Board of Directors. Washington County Health System is committed to allowing no retaliation against individuals reporting suspected issues or fraud or abuse.

A number of general principles for business and professional activities are implicit in our Code of Conduct:

  • Actively support compliance efforts to prevent, identify and correct illegal, unethical or unprofessional conduct within or involving the Health System and our community.
  • Demonstrate diligence in enhancing and protecting the assets of the Health System, including information, and the interests of its patients, individually and as a community. This responsibility is enhanced by professional development both within the Health System and in appropriate professional organizations.
  • Actively support identification and disclosure of information that unfavorably misrepresents the Health System or Medical Staff to our community
  • Consistently exemplify behaviors that demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility, including the use and disposal of hazardous chemical and biological materials.

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