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  Charitable Purpose Statment
Relationship of Activities to the Accomplishment of Exempt Purchases
Taken from Form 990 (Federal tax return of tax-exempt organization) Part VIII, line 93.

The hospital provides medical care, counseling and other related services to the community on a not-for-profit basis.  The provision of care is provided without regard for the ability to pay.  This furthers the charitable purpose of the promotion of health care as provided by Revenue Ruling 69-545 and regulation 1.501 (c)  (3)–1(d).

Statement of Program Service Accomplishments Washington County Hospital Association Fiscal Year 6/30/03
Taken from Form 990 (Federal tax return of tax-exempt organization), Part III, line a.

Washington County Hospital Association (WCHA) is affiliated with the Washington County Health System, Inc., and the Washington County Hospital Endowment Fund, Inc.  The system has created an affiliated medical care delivery system for Washington County and the surrounding area.  The system focuses the collective resources of the institutions in association with the affiliated group. 

WCHA is a 298-bed, acute care, non-profit medical center that has been serving the Tri-State region since 1904.  Our mission is to be the most effective provider of health services in our region through leadership and responsiveness to our community’s healthcare needs; accessibility of those services in partnership with our extended community; and the high level of respect we afford our patients, physicians, customers, and employees.

WCHA promotes the health of its constituents, while at the same time enhancing the quality of health care available in Maryland.  WCHA provides its patients with a broad range of general and specialty health care services.

WCHA has maintained an open admission policy to provide health care to the public and does not discriminate regardless of race, color, sex, religion, creed, or national origin.  The hospital has met its obligation throughout the years to render gratuitously our services to the indigent and less fortunate in our community and surrounding region.  The hospital provides benevolent care to indigent patients that do not have adequate income to cover their health care bills.  The difference between the Medical Assistance fee payments and the hospital’s charges for services is written off as uncollectible.  Benevolent care provided by the hospital during this fiscal year was $4,114,000.

WCHA also alleviates the government burden by participating in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  The government relies extensively on nonprofit hospitals to deliver hospital care to the elderly, reaffirming the charitable role of non-profit hospitals.  WCHA accepts and treats all Medicaid recipients needing our services.  The hospital provides medical care, counseling and other related services to the community on a not-for-profit basis.  The provision of care is provided without regard for the ability to pay.  This furthers the charitable purpose of the promotion of health care as provided by Revenue Ruling 69-545 and regulation 1.501 (C) (3)-1(d).


  Patient Days   78,440
  Admissions   17,034
  Outpatient Visits 213,631
  Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and other payor differentials/bad debt and charity reduction $27,580,243
  Complete diagnostic lab, x-ray and therapeutic services  
  Nutritional counseling  
  Total facility cost $169,703,171
  Patient Days   4,862
  Admissions      923
  Outpatient Visits 16,067
  Provision of psychiatric acute inpatient service and outpatient counseling without regard for the ability to pay  
  Provision of spousal and child abuse counseling, including consultation to the court system regarding custody cases  
  Provision of outpatient addictions counseling and group therapy without regard for the ability to pay; outpatient program provides option to patient to remain with family during recovery  
  Total costs $2,938,525
  Patient Days   8,034
  Admissions      492
  Provision for patients requiring extended care after hospital discharge; program is designed to bridge the gap between the acute care phase of treatment and the patient’s return home; program offered without regard for the ability to pay  
  Total costs $1,795,904
  Provision for nursing and therapeutic services in the patient’s home without regard for the ability to pay, seven days a week, 24 hours a day  
  Total costs $2,385,817
  Provision for counseling and family group therapy with persons with dementia related illnesses without regard for the ability to pay; includes diagnosis, treatment, counseling and support  
  For WCHA employees to seek counseling, guidance and support for virtually any problem  
  Total costs $261,669

The hospital has established family practices throughout the county that were designed to meet identified voids in the community for patients who have no family physician, have no insurance or have medical assistance.  We provide prenatal, delivery and postnatal care to virtually all of the medical assistance and uninsured maternity patients in the county (approximately 908 deliveries per year).


In addition to uncompensated care, WCHA also incurs other costs related to community service activities that are listed below:

  1. Recognizing that good health involves many factors outside the scope of community hospitals and that local organizations contribute to the wellness of residents in the Tri-State region, WCHA, as an affiliate of the Washington County Health System, participates in the funding of the Community Benefits Fund.  The fund was established to encourage area non-profit organizations to develop innovative, cost effective, and collaborative projects that will have a positive impact on the health and well being of community residents.  Grants are awarded to organizations proposing projects to prevent health problems and promote health improvement for underserved populations at risk.  The Community Benefits Fund is funded through an endowment created by the Washington County Health System.  Grants are awarded annually in June.  Recipients must submit reports summarizing their work and its results.  In fiscal year 2003, the Community Benefits Fund awarded a grant totaling $100,000 to the following: $50,000 to Community Free Clinic, $20,000 to Turning Point of Washington County, Inc., $25,000 to Boys & Girls Club of Washington County and $5,000 to Community Foundation of Washington County MD, Inc.
  2. The hospital participates in Employment Programs that help individuals to enter the healthcare field.  Through a partnership with Hagerstown Community College, all of the clinical rotations for the nursing program, paramedic program, and the radiology program are performed at the hospital.  The nursing students from Shepherd College also perform their clinical rotations at WCHA.  There are community internships available.  The hospital hosts approximately 600 people annually for observations, internships, and clinical rotations.
    Each year, the hospital provides financial assistance for individuals pursuing specific healthcare careers.  In fiscal year 2003, $35,391 was awarded in academic assistance.
  3. WCHA spends $2,700,000 to ensure proper trauma care in Washington County and the surrounding area.  The Trauma Center at WCHA has been designated as a regional Trauma Center by the State of Maryland, serving Frederick and Washington counties in Maryland and Berkeley County in West Virginia.  WCHA provides back up for government facilities located in it tri-state service area.  The hospital also has a heliport located on its campus to provide transfer services.
    The Trauma Center also provides safety education to children in the community and participates in the annual Stop Red Light Running campaign.
  4. The Emergency Department at WCHA provides 24-hour a day, seven days a week emergency services.  In fiscal year 2003, there were 60,807 emergency visits.
  5. The H.W. Murphy Community Health Center at Walnut Street provides free health care to individuals and families that cannot afford it.  The health center houses the Walnut Street Family Practice and the Children’s Dental Clinic.  In fiscal year 2003, the community health center had $517,363 in losses.
  6. The hospital is also involved in promoting Community Wellness throughout Washington County and surrounding areas.  The hospital provides the following programs and services to the community:
    • Free blood pressure screenings to hundreds of senior citizens at the annual  Senior Fair held in Washington County
    • Free Support Groups – Man-to-Man prostate cancer support group; diabetes support group; fibromyalgia support group; headway support group for individuals with head trauma; Labor of Love support group for those who have experienced the loss of an infant; larynegectomy support group; breastfeeding support group; Mended Hearts support group for cardiac patients; Second Wind support group for persons with breathing difficulties and respiratory diseases; stroke survivors support group; and Cancer Crossroads support group for cancer survivors.
    • Swims – arthritis swim, diabetes swim, and Wet ‘N’ Wild swim for children ages 8-12 who lead a less active lifestyle.
    • Sports Injury Clinics – For student athletes who need aggressive post-injury rehab or for high school athletic team coverage.
  7. The hospital sponsors numerous educational programs for free or at a nominal fee to promote Community Education.   In fiscal year 2003, approximately 1,966 people from the community participated in CPR training sponsored by the hospital.  Other educational opportunities included:
    • Stroke Awareness Day to promote awareness of stroke risks through education and screenings;
    • Diabetes Alert Day to promote awareness of diabetes through education, activities and screenings;
    • Educational classes – Infant CPR classes, breastfeeding classes, early pregnancy classes, prepared childbirth classes, refresher childbirth classes, sibling classes, wee care classes and weekend childbirth classes; ·
    • Tours of the hospital for all first grade students in Washington County to educate children and promote awareness of the hospital’s role in the community;
    • Tours of the Family Birthing Center to promote healthy pregnancy and delivery;
    • Camp Breath Easy to promote the development of asthma self-management skills in children age 7-11 through a positive day-camp environment
    • Camp Christy to promote the development of diabetic self-management skills in children age 7-11 through a positive day-camp environment.
  8. Each year, the hospital donates medical supplies and equipment to the Community Free Clinic and other community health providers. 
  9. The staff at WCHA willingly shares their knowledge with the community through free presentations at local community functions and group meetings.  Members of the hospital also serve on boards of other nonprofit organizations, civic organizations, community service agencies, and Chamber of commerce task forces.  The hospital is an active participant in the life of the service area’s community.


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